Regular Reminder-red roses lilies

AED : 220

Regular Reminder is a classic combination of roses and lilies for stating love in pink and red, the colors of love. 12 red roses and 6 blooms of pink lilies are tied as a hand bouquet. Wrapped in white and decorated with white gypsophila fillers, green leaves, and other fillers. If you have a special message to convey, Real Flowers can deliver in printed on a free greeting card offered. Delivery at your recipient’s doorsteps anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman is also free of cost.

Product Description

Red roses lilies as a genuine gift

Generally, says, red roses lilies combinations are familiar to you in different ways. Here we are introducing you to the epic design of beautiful lilies with red roses arranged in a hand bouquet. If you are going to choose a floral arrangement from online, just make a comparison with your emotions. Go through the symbolic power of the flowers and occasional importance if it is meaning full or not. Everyone keeps silent if they identify some words are meaningless to the particular situation. Each of the color, tone and type of flower will start talking if it matches with the occasion you delivered. A florist from real flowers always recommends fresh flowers to make a feel of nature in hand with its fragrances. We will ensure the delivery of gifts as same as in the Picture on the website.

Am I suitable to make that kind of wish?

The first thing to remember, floral concepts are always changing from person to person, but the meanings of flowers are the same. To put it differently, it’s not too late to realize flowers are the precious and valuable gift from nature. Don’t misrepresent any flower by sending inappropriate occasions to your related ones. Fresh appropriate flowers from keep your choice better and thoughtful to send in any situation in Dubai and Sharjah. Above all, cost doesn’t matter, if you make your choice as red roses lilies bouquet from real flowers. Order online, it is available economically in Sharjah and Dubai in the name of Regular Reminder.

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