Know the Art Of Writing the Best Message to Send With Flowers

When sending flowers or floral arrangements as a personal gift, it is considerate to include a personal note that expresses your feeling. A thought out message, even if only a few lines, will talk straight to the heart of the receiver. Many people skip this step or use pre-prepared messages as they think writing a good note is a tedious task. But this is far from true. Even an unexceptional yet personal message is superior to the copied text.  Here are a few tips to help you write the perfect note.

  • Get Ready with an Idea

Are you writing a romantic confession? Or a letter of appreciation? Maybe it is a condolence message. Whichever the case may be, always start writing notes with a clear idea of what you want to communicate to the other person. The occasion for writing, the nature of your relationship with the receiver, and their state of mind are few things to be kept in mind before you start writing.  This will be the time to decide whether you can write in sentences or make it a poem or perhaps even a mix of both.

  • Make a Rough Draft

Now that you have a clear picture of what the message card is going to say when you are giving flowers to someone, prepare the first draft. The focus should be on expressing yourself to the full extent through words. At this stage don’t worry about picking the perfect word or phrase. Your penmanship can be applied in the coming steps. If you are lost for ideas, read a few sample notes from the internet. Feel free to adapt and make it personal If you see something you like.

  • Personalize in a Unique Way

A hand bouquet or a flower basket alone is not so special a gift. What makes it unique is the personal note that accompanies it. Picking a cookie-cutter message can trim away the exclusivity of the present. A well-crafted readymade note can work perfectly well for an official souvenir. But it rarely works for friendly bonds. The words should reflect your personality and stir up the right emotions in the reader. This can be done by alluding to intimate moments that only the two of you know.

  • Improve and Finalize

Now it is time to beautify the message. Start by cutting out any extra words and eliminating any mistake that might have crept in. It is ideal to keep the message short. The cards offered by the florist along with the flower arrangements are often small in size and it is best to not to congest the space with too many words. A verbose message might sound dull. The best messages are the short and sweet ones.

  • Make the Envelope & Letter Attractive

The same care that you showed when selecting the right flowers and penning the perfect words should come into the making of the letter and envelope. If you are blessed with an artistic touch, explore your talents to adore the card. Some people go so far as to decorate it with sequins and other items of embellishment. A good florist might have a calligraphy expert who can write the letters in fancy handwriting. Otherwise, you can have it printed in decorative fonts that fit the message.


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