Best wedding flower ideas for your big day

A wedding day is an event you’ll never want to forget. No wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations and flowers. How simple may be your wedding, the flowers can turn a special event into magical. For centuries, flowers have been used in bridal bouquets, as centerpieces on the tables and Entrance flowers etc. The beauty is in their colors, shapes, and appearance as well as their fragrance, and almost all the flower decorations are the perfect support to every style of wedding.

Floral arrangements

Bridal Bouquets: No bride is complete without a beautiful bouquet in her hand. Brides are always looking for wedding decor that reflects her style and personality. A flower bouquet is more than just a bunch of flowers tied together for you to hold for one whole day. Bridal bouquets are actually part of a centuries-old tradition symbolizing luck and fertility, and the bouquet toss is meant to spread that luck to others. These days, the wedding bouquet is a means of self-expression as well as an essential bridal accessory that brings together a bride's outfit and wedding theme in perfect harmony. These days, silk bridal bouquets are realistic, beautiful and affordable. Natural flower bouquets are always gorgeous and colorful and best for a wedding.

Entranceway/Arch Flowers: The entrance to your wedding venue would be the first thing that your guests would see even before they meet the beautiful bride and the groom. No matter how well you décor the entire place, if the approach to it is not appealing, the entire purpose of decorating the place is gone. The entrance symbolizes a sense of welcoming and Make your wedding entrance look and feel fresh with fragrant flowers. You can also get a specialist and let him make some gorgeous floral masterpieces for the entrance and make your guests go ‘WOW’. If you want to go the conventional way, keep two oversized bouquets on either side of the entrance for a unique appeal. Or else decorate the entryway with fresh flowers all over.

Reception Centerpieces: When it comes to wedding reception décor, all eyes will be on the table centerpieces. Wedding centerpieces can be an afterthought when planning a wedding, but it’s a perfect opportunity to show off your style and impress your guests. There are many options to choose from for a wedding centerpiece, you can dazzle with a towering floral display or keep it simple with a simple arrangement of foliage.

Ceremony Flowers: A big part of the wedding ceremony decorations elements is going to consist of flowers. Flowers are a gorgeous way to take your wedding ceremony to the next level. It is important to match your flowers to your location. If you’re getting married in a simple church, think about the church pews and how flowers can bring them to life. If you’re in an extravagant church, then make sure the ceremony flowers don’t overpower the scene. Outdoor weddings on the beach will require a totally different wedding flower arrangement set than the indoor wedding.

Aisle: Your grand entrance down the aisle is one of the most special moments during your wedding ceremony. I think that almost every girl has imagined sometimes her walking down the aisle. Most of the couples love to do an outdoor ceremony; if we choose outdoor then the Aisle is something we can’t avoid. The most popular idea is a petals aisle, and silk petals can be purchased in any color now and you can place them as you like – on the whole aisle, just on the sides of it or make some patterns.

Flower Walls: A strategically placed flower wall can function as more than just a background for special moments of the night the like the first dance, cake cutting, or exchange of vows. Repurpose the wall as a beautiful backdrop for photos your guests will love. While the price of traditional flower walls is rather high, you can cover the majority of the wall with less expensive greenery and accent with flowers to achieve a similar effect, or opt out of a solid wall and instead hang flowers that loot your bank balance.


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