Best Types of Winter Flowers for Gift

Gifting flowers have been a longstanding gesture that expresses your love, care, and gratitude to another person. Blossoms can lighten up the day of the receiver even in the chilly months where no one wants to go out of their houses. You don’t have to wait until next spring to have the best blooms ready to be sent to your loved ones. You may know the benefits of sending flowers and that it is best to pick a variety that suits the season. Here are a few flowers that you should consider sending this winter.

  • Roses

Rose flowers, in particular the red ones, have become a universal symbol for romantic love. Although rose plants need extra care to survive the winter, rose bloom kept in a vase and well cared for can survive the season with surprising ease. Due to their solid texture, the delicate beauties are a top pick for hand bouquets and floral arrangements in the winter. Roses also come in white, yellow, and rose shades. This season, let roses be the messengers that convey your everlasting romantic love for that special person.

  • Lilies

In spite of their gentle appearances, lilies can withstand the cold season for a very long time. This makes them a very popular choice as a winter flower. When sending lilies, It is best to select stems with multiple flower sprouts. Lilies are also advantageous in that they offer various varieties. The Calla lilies are the most demanded lily variation in the winter. Although predominantly white, lilies come in many other shades and can be mixed with other flower species to create impeccable bouquets.

  • Carnations

The carnations are said to be one of the key flowers in the garlands of ancient Rome and Greece. One of the reasons for the immense popularity of carnations is their affordability. Even in the other seasons, they can last a long time if kept away from the sun. This makes them a perfect choice of blooms for the winter. Carnations are best to be gifted as a centerpiece arranged in a box to be placed on tabletops. This will give the room a rich and classy appeal. Their sweet scent can whet the appetite during any meal.

  • Gerbera

Gerbera is among the most vibrant winter flowers out there. They are sturdy enough to last even on the coldest of days. They can be used along with other flowers or with different colors of the same species to come up with charming floral arrangements. Gerberas go equally well with other natural items of adornments such as fruits as well. With their bright hues, Gerbera flowers undoubtedly elevate the mood of the person receiving them and can bring a wave of energetic vibe during the dull days of winter.

  • Poinsettia

As poinsettias naturally bloom in winter, they need less tending to as a vase flower. They owe their beauty to the persistent hue of the leaves which are also known as bracts. These leaves are in contrast to the dark red petals of the tiny flowers, and this gives them an enriching appearance. The color of poinsettia flowers brings home the vibrancy and takes away the blandness of the winter season. Get some exquisite poinsettias delivered to your loved ones with a handwritten note to make the flower arrangement a more meaningful gift.

All these products are commonly available during winter all over the world. In every city there are reliable florists to provide prompt service too. Similarly, online flower delivery in Dubai is the best way to send gifts during the winter season or for Christmas.

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